Cove Sunsets

The one good thing about Cove is the amazing sunsets. Depending on the cloud cover when the sun dips behind the hills, you can get some of the most amazing photos.


Cove Loch Long Flowers, Fruits, Fungi

Some of the most beautiful flowers can be seen growing in the wild around Cove and along the shore of Loch Long.In the Spring you will see an abundance of Snowdrops, Daffodils and Blue Bells. During the summer months the shore of loch long is stunning with an array of Wild Orchids, Foxglove and other wild flower. Various Mushrooms can be found throughout the year if you like to explore.  A good area to explore and enjoy is the Peaton Community Nature Reserve where you can pick up the forestry track that will bring you all the way back to Kilcreggan. The views are magnificent.


Cove Loch Long Self Catering Holiday accommodation

Cove Loch Long self catering holiday accommodation photographs.